Borşa. Tradition and History

At the foot of the famous Rodnei mountains, at over 800 meters altitude, is found Borsa, a locality full of tradition and history. Her first documentary attestation dates back to 1365, when it was mentioned that she belonged to the Cuhea domain, which belonged to Bogdanesti. After two years, the King of Hungary, Ludovic I, confiscated the domain of Bogdanesti, including Borsa, then known as Bors, and gave it to Dragosestil. The name of Bursa reappears in documents in 1450, when it came into the possession of Nicolae and Luca, Stefan's sons, and Nan, the son of Hotiko from Viseu. A significant event represents the victory that the Bolshevians obtained under the leadership of the protopop Sandor Lupu, over the Tartars returning from the last foray into Maramures, at the place called the Preluca Tatar today. The bursa has a rich history and inhabitants who have preserved their port and tradition since ancient times. In fact, the folklore events attract thousands of tourists from abroad and abroad here every year. The tourist visiting these places travels in time.

A hearty meal, made of muffins with cheese, zucchini, sour milk or a delicious balm, served in the middle of nature, around the cauldron surrounded by flames, can be an unforgettable experience. Full of life and eternal with a smile on their lips, the people of Borsa cherish the tradition every day, a proof of this being the wearing of beautifully colored folk costumes, given from father to son. In Borsa, the shepherd is one of the oldest tasks, which has been perpetuated from generation to generation, preserving its archaic form of order and administration: the mountain host, the bacon, the shepherds and the lath. Apart from this occupation, the Bolshevians have, since ancient times, the gift of woodworking and molding, creating structural and decorative forms of rare beauty. Whether we are talking about wooden houses, furniture or just decorative objects, they have elevated this craft to the rank of art. Tourism is well developed in the area, especially in winter, due to the favorable conditions for winter sports. Here, too, history makes its presence felt. After the southern part of Maramures was annexed to Hungary, Hungarian ski enthusiasts searched for places to build slopes of international quality. They finally chose the Baile Borsa area, located in the north of the Rodna Mountains. The beauty of the landscape, the impressive peaks, the perfect slopes for skiing and the ideal weather conditions fascinated all winter sports lovers. Thus, Baile Borsa became a meeting point for them shortly.

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